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We would like you to experience some of our successes!  We periodically feature a company we think you might want to know about.

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Dustvent, Inc.

Dustvent, Inc. was founded in 1885 and manufactures a full line of dust, mist, smoke and fume collectors. Their new generation of quieter, more efficient dust collection systems feature air flows to 16,000 CFM and 99.9% overall efficiency.  Dustvent has a solution for every in-plant air pollution problem!

Key Products:

Accessible Products
Downdraft Benches
Fabric Collectors
Smoke & Fume Collectors

Visit the Dustvent, Inc website for more information:  www.dustvent.com!

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What's new at Dustvent?

Check out a few of the new products from Dustvent, an innovator in air pollution equipment. 

A New Dustvent Multi-Function Collector for Small Shop Welding! Remove smoke, fumes and particles from the shop.

A New Select Flow downdraft bench features a unique patent pending feature that allows the operator to direct the airflow. Delivers massive airflow with work surface. 

New Snorkels are used for spot exhaust of dust, fumes, smoke or mist. They hook-up to any Dustvent collector or ordinary exhausters.

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Diversity in the 21st Century

Have you been asking yourself what Diversity means in this century?  We have been thru the civil rights movement, the women's movement, immigration issues, awareness training, the normal curve, the Americans with Disabilities act, and racial profiling.  Where do we go from here?  We take the next leap forward!

Diversity in the 21st Century is a consulting firm which can make a difference in your work environment.  How? Explore the web site and find out!  Why? Click here to find the benefit to your business or organization.

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