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Strategy and Implementation Planning

Corporate Strategy Development and Implementation - We can help you through a strategy process which will lead to a practical, implementable strategy.   This will not be a strategy which will only find it's way to a notebook on your shelf!  We can work with you and your team to implement the strategy and set up systems to monitor progress.
Business Plan Creation and Implementation - We can help you put together your yearly business plan working through financials, new product/service introduction, marketing and client specific issues.
Transition Planning and Implementation - Is it time for you to sell your company? Do you need to close down  facilities? Are you expanding?  Are you interested in acquiring a company?  We can help get you through the decision process and put together an implementation plan.
Operational Excellence - We can perform operational audits to determine the "health" of the client company and turn up potential problem areas.  We can also develop controls and quantitative tools for improving operational visibility enabling client management decision making.


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