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Training and Seminars

Leadership Development - Do you need to develop leadership skills in yourself or your team members?  Would you like a practical approach to ethical decisions?  We are experienced in creating and delivering training programs with special focus on leadership development.  We have a proven track record of developing and leading programs that improve employee morale and retention with an emphasis on mentoring, career development, diversity and managing change and transitions.

Check out the New Meditation for Thoughtful Leaders Blog!

Meditations for Thoughtful Leaders© - A multi-session program designed to help participants:

  • Build a Leadership Backbone – the process of identifying what you strongly believe in, what you stand for, what you don’t stand for, how you want to operate in whatever environments you find yourself, how you will walk your talk, how you will lead, when you will lead, why do you lead

  • Identify Put to the Test Examples – learning from the examples of others (including famous individuals), what they did and then examine how you would act.  Examples include:  whistle blowers, “job suicide”, burnout, saying nothing, pushing for change within the system, handling a crisis.

Benefits to attendees:

  • Clarify Personal Principles

  • Discussion of ethical issues with others

  • Develop a “Leadership Backbone”

  • Be able to better handle crisis situations

Learning Strategy and Delivery - Do you and your team need a skills update, or specific training in an area?  We can help you examine what skills your team will need to be competitive, facilitate the development of a learning strategy, develop the curriculum and/or do the training.
Diversity Strategy, Planning and Training - Do you see a need to address diversity  and inclusion in your workplace, both in terms of workforce and training?  We can help you through the strategy and planning.  Often issues come up during diversity discussions which can be addressed by working with people with experience in diversity training.  We can also tailor a training program to your needs and deliver it to your employees.  In addition we have particular expertise in issues facing executives and the "glass ceiling".  Check out our approach at Diversity in the 21st Century.

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