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The internet and web site creation can often be confusing and chaotic – let us do the navigating! 

 BTDT Consulting can help you with your marketing plan and launch your first website quickly!

The Web Sea

BTDT Consulting can navigate your business through the web site creation process – even if you are not familiar with the internet.

Marketing & Information Plan.  What’s the purpose of your site?  Who do you want to visit your site?  What’s the style of your business? Why are you unique?

Web Site Creation. This involves creatively composing the actual web pages and linking them together.  We use accessible web design practices.

Web Site Hosting.  Your web site needs to be on a reliable computer system for people to access.  We help you find a hosting company.

Web Site Promotion.  BTDT can make sure your web site gets listed on search engines (such as Google).  This can be very time consuming process for those unfamiliar with it.

Web Site Maintenance. Often ongoing changes will be needed.  We can help you plan for this.

Our Approach


Explain the web site development process


Review your business strategy and clarify the role of the internet in it


Discuss the overall organization style and image to be projected


Create a plan for the web site


Gather and/or create all copy, graphics, and photographs


Create drafts of the site


Review drafts with you for style, content, selection of options


Incorporate feedback for final site


Launch Your Site!


Click here for our client examples and testimonials.


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